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“Wonderful book for home or school” by Mary Kelly, preschool teacher

“This is a wonderful book to help children understand how to express feelings with and without words. As a preschool teacher, my students have enjoyed looking at the beautiful illustrations, and I’ve created activities in the classroom and at circle time based on the pages. We have fun giggling to express joy, stomping feet to express frustration and dancing to express delight. This is a great book to have at home or in a classroom.”

Goodreads Reviews

Amy rated it 4_starsReceived as a good reads first reads prize.

Very cute and well written. I really enjoyed it and feel like there is a lot of opportunity for me to use it in my future classroom. I think it has applications in Art, Music and Health classes for teachers, might be more useful for lower grades (ages 4-8) rather than the higher ages as the wording and pictures are quite simple and easy to read.

Coleen rated it5_starsThis is a wonderful children’s book which explains that you can express your feelings in different ways at different times, all of which are acceptable. Colorful and delightful. I especially liked the unique page edges of many of the pages. How creative! I am passing on to my granddaughter, who will totally enjoy it. Great job and kudos to the authors.

Julie rated it4_starsI won this book on Goodreads.

I enjoyed this book and think it’s helpful for allowing children (and even adults!) to find the permission and freedom to express their entire range of emotions in healthy ways. More books like this need to exist and be widely circulated. Thanks for a good read!

Ashley Reid rated it 5_starsWhat a great way to show children healthy ways to express their feelings! The pictures are great and this seems like a book that parents and children can both enjoy. Plus lots of activity ideas for the parent to encourage their children to do- something this auntie is always looking for! 🙂